The first DMS for real estate professionals

Make fact-based decisions while others are still searching for documents

The #1 document cloud for future-oriented
Investment Manager, Asset Manager and KVGs.

The central platform for your real estate documents

  • Maximum transparency through a 360° view of your properties, funds and companies
  • Always and everywhere informative for ESG or BaFin, thanks to immediate access to the relevant documents

  • More successful investments through seamless collaboration with PM, evaluators, etc., at every lifecycle stage

Make faster and better investment decisions on a data-driven basis.


Optimize processes
instead of sorting documents

  • Automatic document recognition and sorting
  • Integrated and automatically filled transaction data room

  • Central document inventory without folders and duplicates, incl. API integration


Sustainably increase productivity and save costs

Time is your most valuable asset

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*Employees spend at least 30 minutes a day searching for documents and information, according to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute. We calculate an average annual salary of €60,000 per employee.