Update of the gif guideline 2.1 for document management – find documents instead of searching!

The guideline “Standard for the construction of a real estate data room and document management system (DMS)” received an update on May 11th, 2020. Document classes were already introduced with version 2.0. Now the standards have been expanded.

With version 2.1 another step towards Digitization g eh become. Because this can only work with compatible standards.

The advantages at a glance

  • Dimensions Logic – Documents & Find information faster

  • 164 Document classes – higher level of detail in the documents

  • Metadata (attributes) – better transparency at Data rooms n and DMS

First of all, the document classes were expanded from 62 to 164 now. This increases the level of detail for documents. So will precise sorting and naming of individual documents is possible.

With version 2.1 w earth also implemented the dimension logic. With this logic, all relevant information and documents can be found even faster than before. The specialty – that Whole works regardless of the areas of application. This has two advantages. Time can be saved and the number of redundant documents is reduced. The endless search for documents in folders is finally over.

There is also another adjustment. Document classes will Additional metadata (attributes) added. A step forward in terms of transparency and homogeneity of the data rooms and document management systems – especially in the management, administration or transaction of real estate.

Who is the directive intended to address?

The directive applies above all those who work with data rooms and document management systems – e.g. in the course of ongoing property management, property transactions, property management – but also to those who are providers of corresponding software solutions.


The new guideline has finally been published. With this step, it is even easier for us to show what docunite is capable of and how we can establish standards together.

Patrick Penn, Founder CEO, docunite®