Our daily mission is to give you space.

Thanks to our team and his tireless passion, you can concentrate on the most important things.

Our mission

Our common goal is to make property management more sustainable and efficient. In doing so, we want to completely replace data silos with innovative document management solutions and integrations. We work with you to innovate document management for real estate professionals, so you can make fast, reliable decisions in real time at all times – along the entire real estate value chain. In everything we do, we help companies and the people behind them to discover existing knowledge and develop their full potential. Our goal is that users enjoy working with docunite® at all times because they feel that it really makes their work easier!

Career at docunite®?

Become part of a dynamic and technology-driven team and shape the real estate industry digitally with us!

Our Team

Patrick Penn


Patrick is our founder and CEO and is dedicated to innovative solutions for greater sustainability and efficiency in the real estate industry. With the right questions he initiates new ideas, directions & solutions. Besides docunite®, Patrick loves to spend time with his family, in nature or swinging on his mountain bike or motorcycle.

Salvatore Prestipino


Salvatore is for our customers #1 contact person and Solution Expert with heart and mind. By asking specific questions, he creates understanding for the needs and always finds the appropriate solutions. When he’s not on the phone with our clients, we’re likely to find Salvatore playing soccer, spending time with his family, or expanding his horizons by reading.

Marc Küllmer


Marc is responsible for IT operations and is the interface between development and administration. As a Solutions Expert, he is the first point of contact for all admins on technical issues. When Marc isn’t managing IT operations, he’s probably looking at the latest developments in space exploration.

Dominik Kania


As our Lead Developer, Dominik is responsible for making the customer’s wishes and needs a reality in our software. To do this, he plans, coordinates and leads the entire development team so that everyone can give their best. When Dominik isn’t sitting in front of an exciting new challenge, he’s probably cheering on his favorite soccer team.

Salome Thiel


Salome is responsible for all design issues and not only ensures that our customers get to experience the most beautiful user interface, but also creates maximum added value for intuitive and efficient use of our software. When she’s not handling paint or fonts, she’s probably testing out the newest restaurant in town.

Sven Drewniok


As a backend and DevOps developer, Sven takes care of the daily improvement of docunite® so that the software evolves continuously with the challenges of our customers. When Sven is not optimizing, he probably plays guitar.

Dominik Doerrier


As a frontend developer, Dominik’s code ensures that new design drafts first come to life and creates a dynamic user interface for our customers. If Dominik is not moving pixels in the docunite® software at the moment, we will probably find him cooking, watching series or walking his dog.

Philipp Eichhorn


As a Solution Developer, Philipp is a true all-rounder. Based in both the frontend and backend, he also looks after the further development of our AI, NEO. And when he’s not tinkering with new ideas in docunite®, his second home is the handball hall.

Patrik Gellert


As a Solutions Developer, Patrik takes care of new development and customization of features in the backend, tests them out and fixes emerging bugs. When Patrik isn’t adding new features to the software, we find him at the gym, cooking, or tinkering with cars.

Josua Sattler


Josua is a Solution Developer and is responsible for the communication between the individual services. He takes care of our network architecture, tests new features and then implements the best ones in docunite®. And when he’s not looking after the latest features, we find Joshua bouldering.

Nicole Topplep


Nicole is our Quality Manager and reviews our AI Assistant NEO with technical expertise and works on developing new standards and processes for our customers. When Nicole isn’t training NEO, she’s living out her creative side and definitely tinkering with a new interior project.

Maria Brunco


As back office manager, Maria is our organization queen and handles everything in docunite® from the background. She ensures that all organizational processes run smoothly, our structures remain clear and every cog meshes. When Maria is not busy with docunite®, she can certainly be found in nature or having a profound conversation with a glass of Aperol.