The first DMS for real estate professionals

Buy faster. Collaborate more successfully. Achieve higher returns.

Less administrative effort.

  • docunite® automatically recognizes the documents during import and sorts them into the respective structure of their teams (IM, AM, PM, …).

  • Documents are only available once. There are no duplicates.

Instant access. Quick exchange.

  • You have a central and standardized database for your teams (IM, AM, PM, …).

  • Each team has the necessary documents directly available in its structure.

Completeness check.

  • You know at all times whether documents, e.g. rental agreements, are available (black) or not (gray).

Fast transaction preparation.

  • docunite has an integrated and automatically filled transaction data room.

  • The documents are published with just one click.

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Partnership & Service

We take you by the hand from step one, and you will receive intensive support, especially during data migration.

Neo, our artificial intelligence

Our software is based on the artificial intelligence, NEO. It continuously learns along with your application and can assign documents more and more independently. As a result, NEO takes work off your hands and automates your daily work routine.

Modern design

docunite® is clearly and attractively designed so that every employee can easily find their way around and enjoys using the software.

Integration of other platforms

You can link different programs with docunite® and thus create maximum efficiency in your company.


Our artificial intelligence has been trained from the beginning to work in 50 languages, allowing you to use the software internationally or with foreign companies.

Highest data security

We meet high security standards and protect your data. Please contact us for detailed information at any time.

Your data fast & secure
transfer to docunite®

You can upload your entire document inventory to docunite® simply by dragging and dropping. For sustainable use, we always recommend cleaning up the document inventory and creating an up-to-date filing structure beforehand. Of course, we will gladly take over this service for you.


Analysis and compilation of content to be migrated


Creation of the Index strategy


Data migration to docunite®