The first Real Estate DMS

The smart solution for real estate professionals
Moving away from classical Data room – Moving forward to digital Workplace.

More than 90 of employees cannot find documents because they have not been properly named or saved. There is an end of it now!

  • Intelligent reading of text information using OCR

  • Automatic and multilingual assignment of documents to your index

  • Improve data quality by classifying documents

  • Virtual views are todays smart folder and replace the typical file storage

DMS + Data Room + Real Estate

Our claim is that every document within your company is only available once and unambiguously, the knowledge contained therein is made available and enriched with additional data from other systems. To achieve this goal, docunite combines the capabilities of a professional and integration-enabled document management system, lifecycle and transaction data space and specialization in the real estate industry.

Intelligent key wording + distribution

In order to counteract recurring manual expenditures, we have developed a process that automatically provides documents with keywords based on artificial intelligence, which result from the text content of the document. On this basis, the appropriate document class is automatically suggested and the document is sorted correctly. Sorting in docunite means that the same document can lie in different places without creating a copy. Thus, the document is available to all interested and authorized persons immediately after classification.

Virtual views for processes, life cycles, and teams

Virtual views are smart folders. You increase the standardization level of your real estate documentation because it forms the policy of how to record documents about your real estate and who gets access to what information. They support any standard (gif, FIDJI, GEFMA, etc.) and also allow you to create any other views, e.g. processes, teams and the real estate life cycle. Instead of dropping documents in different places, the document class in which the document appears is based on the document class. Simple, fast and reliable, as it always should be.

A platform that adapts to your business

You determine the structure! Do you want to break down by fund? Or by property company, portfolios, branches, countries or tenants? It doesn’t matter. You have full flexibility, because in docunite everything can be created, configured and related to each other. This is how you can find e.g. quickly send documents to a property company or a special tenant. At the same time, if desired, the documents also appear at the rental relationship, the rental unit or the property. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find everything in the right context.

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