The first Real Estate DMS.

The smart solution for real estate professionals. Moving away from classical Data room – Moving forward to digital Workplace.

  • Less effort in key wording documents

  • Improve data quality by classifying documents

  • Intelligent reading of text information using OCR

  • Automatic assignment of documents to your index

Time pressure vs. quality

Under time pressure, view documents, check for completeness, sort them manually. It is not uncommon for this to be at the expense of quality, because in case of doubt, the storage location is called “Other”, in which documents are sorted, supposedly temporarily.

Smart key wording

In order to counter this recurring manual effort, we have developed a process that automatically provides documents with keywords based on “artificial intelligence”, which result from the text content of the document.

Automatic classification

Based on the keywords identified, documents can be automatically classified so that they can be assigned to one or more drop locations or contexts and relevant workflows.

Context-based linking

Based on the assigned document class, documents are automatically assigned in the relevant index points. This is a link rather than a drop because a unique document can be mapped to multiple contexts.

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