DMS, Lifecycle- and
Transaction Data Room

Just imagine your Data Room filling beside, without additional expense.




By supporting industry standards, taking over the data room becomes a breeze! Our Document Advisor is the perfect complement to the consistent migration of the document portfolio of purchased properties.


Collaborative document management helps you and your partners keep the documentation of your assets in the data room up-to-date at all times. Everyone benefits from their own individual view of the latest data set.


With just one click, your data room is ready for the transaction. Thanks to docunite, you always have an up-to-date overview of the completeness of your real estate documentation and quickly provide interested parties with the information they need.

Creating a property

docunite forms relationships between information objects such as assets, tenancies and tenants. You create only one information object, the document index and the predefined role concept are activated automatically.

Share information

Reduce your email traffic to a minimum. Documents such as Expert opinions can be exchanged easily and across companies. You keep track of the accesses and external sit over documents and can conveniently add documents without having to know your individual index by heart.

Start transaction

Based on your index and its document classes, it is already predefined what is transactional relevant. Only with one click do you share the asset with the transaction and exclude individual documents if necessary.

Stay informed

Reduce your Q&A volume and let your customers know when new information is available. We send an e-mail once a day with the summary of newly available documents.

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